Julia Wall  aka  Hoki-Pah  Pueblo/Anishinabee

Julia Wall aka Hoki-Pah


Welcome to my online page, here you will find information on the work that I do under the name “Adobe Doula”.


The Walatowa Land Learners

The Walatowa Land Learners are a group of young people interested in utilizing sustainability as a means of fostering their connection with their Ancestral home lands.

# JemezKidsintheHood


Full Spectrum Doula Services

A Doula is a birth companion for pregnant persons and sometimes their support network. A doulas role is to offer support, education, and advocacy to ensure the wellbeing and autonomy of the pregnant person.

Full Spectrum Doula services are available and include support in the areas of :

Contraception Pregnancy
Abortion Birth
Preconception Postpartum


Adobe Creations

Adobe is a form of earthen architecture that utilizes sand, clay, and water to create structures for human use. From homes, to storages, ovens, and so much more, Adobe creations makes working together fun, messy, and amazing.

Creative areas include:
Rock Founations
Adobe Constructing
Mud Plastering


If your interested in any of my services feel free to contact me!

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