Daryl Lucero

Isleta Pueblo

Daryl is a land-based practitioner, who farms and teaches and likes to read and write. Daryl received his MA in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria in 2014, completing his thesis on "Reclaiming Traditional Architecture in Isleta Pueblo". More recently, Daryl is applying for his PhD in Educational Foundations, and hopes to develop an educational model with an emphasis in Land-based Education and Indigenous Leadership



“Pah” aka Julia Wall

Jemez Pueblo & Annishinabe

Julia Wall also known as Hoki-Pah, is a Pueblo/Anishinaabe woman and mother continuously learning about land based sovereignty. Julia’s background is in de-colonial studies as she received her BA in Indigenous Liberal Studies and certificate in business from the I.A.I.A in 2017. Julia is currently engaging in adobe architecture, youth programing, full spectrum doula services, and is a Masters candidate in the Indigenous Land Based Education program in the Educational Foundations Department at the University of Saskatchewan.


Marushka Stempien

Polish & Ukranian

Marushka (Mary) Eloise Stempien, is of Eastern European descent. Marushka received her associate’s degree in Native American Studies in 2017, and a bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies in 2018 from The Institute of American Indian Arts. For the past 2 years Marushka has conducted research through the Native American Research Center for Health, focusing on mental health needs of Indigenous students. She concluded her work as a key presenter at the annual NARCH conference at the University of Washington in Seattle in June, 2018. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for Pueblo Resurgents, her intentions are to center on the utilization of land-based practices, as methods for healing intergenerational trauma and decolonizing social and physical spaces.


Chef Joe Romero

Pueblo & Navajo

Chef Joe Romero was born in Santa Fe New Mexico, and is the Nutrition ProgramCoordinator for Pueblo Resurgents. He has done well in Nationwide food competitions and has also been featured in the video “Cooking for generations.” Joe seeks to decolonize the relationship between land and body, and is concerned with the disruption of this relationship and how it affects the health and wellbeing of families and communities.